, To those that have found my page here:

I am DragonLord(notice that single (G)),
I used this single G when I first came on the Internet in 1989,
But the chats I went to started having people show up with Numbers on thier names ...
To Stay Unique and Seperated I went to a Double (G) in and around 1995.

I still use my single (G) to sign my pages and intend to do so until I'm gone unless my son picks up my name and moves it along. This page was written to Tell people about me and my Family, my Interest my hobbies my quirks ... More or Less Whatever I Deem I want to put here.

Lets Start off By where the Username Came about: Dragon(for My Wifes Love of Dragon's) and Lord(For I AM The Lord of My Domain)
I have nothing to do with the Group Dragonlord that emerged in 2001, and as you see it wasn't a name that just popped into my head like they claim thiers did ROFLMAO(more Like they saw mine someplace and liked it but of course this can't be proven so if they say it popped into his head ok we'll buy that)

Real Life people some online people know and remember when I used this Single(G) and when I changed to the Double(G)
even formed up a little company name from my new name using only the Constanants.

DRGGN  (Draggon's Riviting Grey Ghost Networking)

Of course Draggon is myself, Riviting because I'm so lovable ROFLAMO ... Grey Ghost was a group of friends I hung out with in Chat, and Networking was from my love of computers and the desire to help others enjoy the internet.

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